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Elevate your angling game with Bombarda floats. Ideal for anglers who wish to combine the artistry of fly fishing with the distance and ease of spinning gear, Bombarda floats have become an essential tool for fishing enthusiasts worldwide.

What are Bombarda Floats?

Bombarda floats, originating from European shores, are weighted casting floats that allow for long-distance casting without needing a heavy lead weight. Designed with streamlined shapes and available in varying weights and buoyancies, these floats enable you to reach spots you previously only dreamt of.

How are they used?

  • Dynamic Casting: Attach the Bombarda float to your mainline. Its weight provides the momentum for a long and accurate cast, ensuring your lightweight lure (live or artificial) or fly reaches distant hotspots.
  • Perfect Presentation: Once cast, the Bombarda float stays on the surface or sinks (based on its type), allowing your lure or fly to drift naturally below. As it drifts, it tempts fish with a lifelike presentation that's hard to resist. You can then retrieve it like you would with any other spinning lure.
  • Strategic Sinking: Choose from floating, slow-sinking, or fast-sinking Bombardas, adapting to the depth of your fishing location and the feeding habits of your target fish.

Note about the two reported weights

In the context of bombarda floats, when you see a weight measurement like "20g + 2g" it refers to two different aspects of the float's weight.

Primary Weight (20g in this case): This is the main weight of the bombarda float itself. It dictates the casting weight and plays a significant role in how far you can cast the lure.

Secondary Weight (2g "affondamento" in this case): "Affondamento" is Italian for "sinking." This weight indicates the sinking rate or the weight added to ensure the float sinks at a specific rate. In this context, the bombarda float will have an additional 2g designed to assist with sinking.

So, when you see "20g + 2g" it means the bombarda float has a total weight of 20g, with a sinking weight of 2g to help control the descent rate of the float in the water.

Compared to the 20g + 8g bombarda, the 20g + 2g bombarda will cast equally far, but sink at a much faster rate once it lands in the water.

Note: We have a variety of brands and colors depending on the weights you choose. The bombarda in the photo is just representative of a common brand and weight we carry.

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