Fly Bolognese Floats (Long Stems)

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Fly Bolognese floats in various sizes.

Despite being such a finesse tool, these Fly Bolognese floats are also made to be very durable. Their design allows for the line to pass through the float. A float tube/sleeve is provided if you buy one or more of these floats so that you can secure the line to the stem of the float.

The stems on these floats are particularly long which provides a few advantages:

  • Stability: One of the primary advantages of long-stemmed floats is stability. The longer stem can help stabilize the float, especially in turbulent or fast-flowing waters. This makes it easier for the angler to detect genuine bites as opposed to the float just bobbing around due to the water's movement.
  • Visibility: A longer stem can mean that the float will have a proportionally long antenna which is more visible above the water, especially if there are waves or ripples.
  • Drag: This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. In fast waters, the longer stem might create more drag, meaning the float could be pulled under more easily. However, this drag can also be used to slow down the bait presentation in fast water, making it appear more natural to the fish.

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Brian Whitnack

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