Colmic Waggler Floats

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Colmic Waggler Floats: Precision, Control, and Unmatched Performance!

Dive into the world of expert angling with Colmic Waggler Floats, an epitome of precision and top-tier craftsmanship. Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or someone just starting out, understanding your tools is the first step to success, and our waggler floats are no exception.

What are Waggler Floats?

Waggler floats, a staple in the angling community, are primarily used in still water or slow-moving waters in freshwater and saltwater environments. These floats, attached at the bottom only, offer exceptional stability and sensitivity, making them ideal for detecting even the slightest bite. They can be fished fixed or sliding with a bobber stopper like our Linestop float stoppers.

Understanding the Dual Weight System (e.g., 6g + 2g):

  • Primary Weight (e.g., 6g): This denotes the main body weight of the waggler float. This weight determines how well the float casts, ensuring you can effortlessly reach your desired fishing spot.
  • Secondary Weight (e.g., 2g): This additional weight, often referred to as the "loading" or "shotting" weight, is designed to indicate the amount of additional weights you need to add to your rig in order for the float to have its optimal visible portion above water. It ensures that only the antenna or tip of the float is visible, increasing sensitivity and reducing the float's profile to wary fish.

Why Choose Colmic Waggler Floats?

  • Precision Craftsmanship: Each Colmic Waggler Float is crafted to meet the highest standards, ensuring consistent performance every time.
  • Optimal Visibility: With its dual weight system, achieve perfect buoyancy, keeping only the necessary part of the float above water and minimizing the amount of weight you need to add to your line.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a range of conditions, from calm lakes to gently flowing rivers, and even in calm sea waters.
  • Durable Construction: Made to withstand the challenges of regular fishing sessions, ensuring longevity and value for money.

Elevate your fishing game with the unmatched precision of Colmic Waggler Floats. With every cast, experience the difference of expert engineering and design. Discover the allure of finesse and control, and let the fish come to you!

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Colby Knowles

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"I absolutely love my Trabucco Bolognese rod. On my very first cast, I landed a large trout with ease. And speaking of casting, the rod casts effortlessly!"
Brian Whitnack

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