Colmic Prodigy Trout Bombarda (15-30 g) Telescopic Bolognese Rod - 4.3 m / 14.1 ft

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A great Bombarda rod with a hard-to-beat quality/price ratio from an Italian leader in the industry.
— Tiber Outfitters' Team

NOTE: Oversized item.

Designed for trout fishing competitions in Italy and throughout Europe, this is an affordable incarnation by an Italian leader in the fishing world. Well maintained barrel, very balanced and reactive, and technically excellent. Superb value for money. The rod is also recommended for those who approach this type of fishing for the first time. This model is the second beefiest in the series but remains slim and lightweight thanks to the use of high-quality carbon.

Technically this is a telescopic rod around 4 meters in length, and as such it can be classified as a short Bolognese rod but it's really thought out to be a "trota lago" and "Bombarda" rod. 

"Trota lago" literally means "Lake trout" but it has nothing to do with the species of fish found in our North American waters. Instead, it just means that it's a rod made to catch trout in lakes (often stocked for competitions).

"Bombarda" is a type of in-line "float". It can float, be slightly suspended underwater, or sink some to fish mid-water, depending on the type of bombarda you buy. In practice, these are fairly large floats that often weigh in the 10 to 30 grams range and can be cast far away with ease. Unlike weights that you can also cast far away, these allow you to fish both top and mid-water, rather than just at the bottom, targeting fish where it is.

You cast in the middle of the lake, then retrieve the live bait like you'd do with a spoon, introducing pauses here and there. It's a very popular technique for trout and other fish in Italy, but it requires a rod that can cast such large floats without breaking. This rod is made for this.

Additionally, the rod's versatility shines when used with wagglers or "English-style" floats, characterized by a weighty bulb at their base and a slender, floating tip.

Overall, even if not used for bombarda fishing, this rod is a robust option for traditional float fishing.


  • Telescopic design with 6 sections
  • Only 128 cm / 4'2" closed down for ease of transportation
  • Length: 4.3 m / 14.1 ft
  • Casting weight: 15-30 g
  • Weight: 194 g / 6.8 oz.
  • Diameter: 20.20 mm / 0.79 in
  • Model: CAPR106G

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Mike Elliot

"Great new option for fishing tackle of all kinds! Great prices and customer service. Don't hesitate to deal with them! A++ "
Mike Elliot

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"Wow, top quality products. Incredible customer service, the package was hand delivered by the owner of the company right to me. During rush hour traffic in Kelowna!!"
Colby Knowles

Brian Whitnack

"I absolutely love my Trabucco Bolognese rod. On my very first cast, I landed a large trout with ease. And speaking of casting, the rod casts effortlessly!"
Brian Whitnack

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