Celebrate Labour Day With Our Premium Canadian & European Fishing Gear

As Labour Day approaches, a day of recognition for all our hard work, we at Tiber Outfitters find it mirrors the essence of angling – patience, dedication, and the right gear. And speaking of equipment, there's no better time to enrich your fishing arsenal with our special 20% off sale.

Collections for you to consider

Rapture Crankbaits

- Discover our curated Bass Lures collection, which showcases an assortment including exquisite offerings from Italy, such as Rapture.

Ignesti Bite alarm

- For the carp enthusiasts, dive into our specialized Carp Fishing Gear that combines North American favorites and European finesse.

Kayak net

- Check out our net selection. From the nimble nets designed for your kayaking adventures to nets boasting the impressive reach of European design – reaching up to 14 ft – we've got you covered.

Bolognese Rods in Canada and the US

- Are you interested in buying long telescopic Bolognese rods in Canada or the US? We've got you covered with a few excellent choices from budget to premium.

Rod Glove

- Protect your treasured fishing equipment with products like The Rod Glove, safeguarding both your rods and reels.

Lunkerhunt fishing messenger bag

- We constantly add new products, including European craftsmanship, from names like Trabucco, Colmic, Jenzi, Mitchell, and Tubertini. But also check out the brands that were there from the first day of our online fishing store: Canadian classics like X Zone, Lunkerhunt, Grumpy Baits, and Bam Baits.

Don't miss out on our Labour Day Sale – enjoy 20% off with the code LABOURDAYFISH20. Hurry, the offer sails away at 11:59 PST on September 4, 2023.

The 20% off even applies to products already on sale or discounted, such as our Fishing Kits.

We wish you a great Labour Day and tight lines!


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